March 21, 2012

General Assembly!

MARCH 26, 11:30 - TORY 447
At the end of March, the Carleton Board of Governors will be meeting to review President Runte’s performance and approve a budget for the coming fiscal year.  Unfortunately, they did not remember to invite us, so we have decided to have our own meeting on March 26, open to everyone, where we can make our own decisions.

Over the past four years, university administrators have demonstrated their lack of accountability and failure to include students, faculty and staff in the decision-making process on campus in countless ways, through:

Attempts to privatize important university services, such as English-as-second-language programs (Navitas);
The curtailing of freedom of expression on campus through the banning of posters by student groups (Students Against Israeli Apartheid)
The refusal to consult with the campus community in implementing sexual assault support services;
The attempts to curtail the autonomy of graduate and undergraduate student associations through unprecedented monitoring of financial records;
The current wage clawbacks on teaching assistants due to an administrative accounting error.

In response to this, and drawing inspiration from similar struggles taking place all over the world, we have decided to organize a General Assembly (GA) on March 26 at 11:30.  The GA is both an event, providing the opportunity for key stakeholders on campus to come together in setting priorities, and a governing body which aims to facilitate the self-governance and collective action of all members of the Carleton community who oppose the University’s undemocratic governance, including students, workers, and faculty in directly democratic decision making on campus.  Each member has equal voice and vote.  The goal of the GA is to enact the will of its members in order to uphold Carleton’s societal responsibility to be a public institution that resists corporatization and promotes equity, accessibility, and social and environmental justice.

Come out and have your say on how the university should be run!

For more information on the Carleton General Assembly or to get involved, please email

Or visit us on facebook:!/events/368881019813120/